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On-site activities


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Our swimming pool, where young and old alike meet, is the perfect place to cool off and spend some quality time with friends and family. Located in the centre of the park and with access reserved for residents, you can dive in at any time of the day.

Children’s playground

chalets in Aveyron

Children's play equipment is available free of charge, so that the little ones can have a good time in peace and quiet. There's a trampoline, slide, swing and sandpit, and for older children there's a ping-pong table ready for lively matches.


Location aveyron

We offer snacks to take away or on site.



Games room

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Challenge your friends to a game of table football or snooker.

City Park

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lThe multi-sports pitch is 800m from the estate, near the tennis courts. Football and basketball matches are sure to be a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family!


hebergement en chalet

The municipal tennis courts are just 800m away on foot via the small path beside the river, the ideal way to get you in shape and ensure a good match with your partners.




Chalets tout confort

Boules pitch on the residential leisure park on the Cernon relief.

Nearby activities

Gorges du Tarn

location vacances aveyron

Situated in the heart of the Grands Causses regional national park, close to the Cévennes, the Gorges du Tarn offer visitors the splendour of their rocky, white-water landscapes. You will be able to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Find out more

La Couvertoirade

camping millau

This fortified medieval village offers an unforgettable journey back in time. Wander through the narrow streets or along the battlements with the feeling that time had stood still. Find out more


village vacances

The region has an extensive underground network, with some of the most beautiful caves in France, including the famous "Aven Armand" cave and the "Dargilan"cave. Immerse yourself in the bowels of the earth, where the coolness of the place makes it a good refuge on hot summer afternoons.



The Millau Viaduct

location vacances aveyron

There's no need to introduce this now-famous structure, which was built using astonishing feats of engineering. Come and visit this "giant" and discover the stories that have marked the 15 years of construction. Find out more .

Nature leisure park

châlets en location

Montpellier-le-Vieux and its nature leisure park will enable you to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and much more... While being seated in the little train, you will discover magnificent landscapes with your family, effortlessly. Find out more.


hébergement aveyron

The Roquefort ripening caves are a must-see, and await you for a visit full of scents and flavours. Discover the very special manufacturing process of this cheese. Find out more.




location saisonière millau

At the heart of the Montpellier-le-Vieux nature park, the Acroparc du Mas welcomes you for treetop adventures, zip-line dives and lots of other activities. Have fun and relax as a group or as a family! . Find out more .

Extreme sensations

location Viaduc

If you are a thrill-seeker, you will find plenty of opportunities in our area to get your adrenalin pumping, whether it's for a 330ft bungee-jump or at Fly Millau for a paragliding trip down the valley... at 107 for a 330ft bungee-jump or at Fly Millau for a paragliding trip down the valley...

Aquatic leisure activities

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Discover the Tarn gorges from the river, The Héron des Raspes awaits you for beautiful boat or canoe rides... With the Bateliers de la Malène paddle down the canyon at the bottom of the 1700ft cliffs.



Sporting events

Many sporting events take place in our department. A few examples: Natural Games, 100 Kms de Millau, La course des Templiers, Le rallye des Cardabelles, le rallye du Rouergue, le Festival de Sylvanès, La route du sel, La Caussenarde, Verticausse...

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